Listing Tips

These tips will help more people find your Calendar of Antiques Listing! 

Images: A horizontal image works best! For faster loading, resize to a maximum of 900 pixels wide. 900×350 pixels would work marvelously! Use the name of your event as your photo name. (myantiqueshow.jpg)

Submit Your Event Early: Help people plan ahead, and get the most out of search engine optimization by posting your event as far ahead as possible.

Text is Your Friend: Include 300-500 words in your listing. Use the name of your event twice in your text. Use location information in your headline. Example Tulsa Vintage Show or American Vintage Market, Davenport.

Post: Post a link to your event on Facebook.

Please: Do not use all caps in titles.

The calendar of antiques only accepts antique, vintage and select art events. We reserve the right to reject submissions.

In addition, here are some other places to list your events!


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